Monkey pox: the epidemic continues to spread, 1,837 cases confirmed in France this Wednesday

Forty cases were hospitalized in France due to their Monkeypox virus infection.

As of July 26, 2022, 1,837 confirmed cases have been identified in France, as Public Health France reports in its update. The cases most frequently resided in Ile-de-France (781 cases, or 55% of cases), in Occitanie (151 cases, or 11%) and in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (150 cases, or 10%). The region of residence is not given for 407 cases and 6 cases live abroad.

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All cases identified to date are adult males, except 12 adult females and 2 children. Adult cases have a median age of 36; 25% of adult cases are under 30 years old and 25% are between 43 and 84 years old.

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What are the most common symptoms?

Of the cases investigated, 76% presented with genito-anal rash72% an eruption on another part of the body, 76% a fever and 73% lymphadenopathy.

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Forty cases were hospitalized because of their Monkeypox virus infection, including 34 (2.7%) for complications related to this diagnosis. No cases died.

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