Monkey pox: second dose, extension of vaccination … the High Authority for Health will be seized

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According to “France Info”, the Minister of Health will seize the High Authority of Health in particular on the question of recommending or not a second dose of vaccine against monkey pox.

The Minister of Health François Braun will seize the High Authority for Health concerning the interest or not of recommending a second dose of vaccine against monkeypox, reports France InfoWednesday, September 14.

According to our colleagues, François Braun met the actors concerned on Tuesday to take stock of the epidemic. He should also ask the HAS about the possibility of intradermal injections of the vaccine (under the skin) in order to save doses.

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The High Authority for Health should also decide on the extension of vaccination to women living with men who have sex with other men.

A longer period between the two doses since the beginning of August

Currently, the monkeypox vaccination schedule includes two doses, one for people already vaccinated against smallpox, three doses for immunocompromised people. On August 4, the Ministry of Health announced that the time between the two doses of vaccine, until now 28 days, was now extended, except for immunocompromised people, but without specifying the duration.

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Of the 250,000 people eligible for this vaccination in France, 91,000 are currently vaccinated, indicates France Info, which specifies that the vaccination experiment in pharmacies, launched in five pharmacies in August, should not be extended.

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As a reminder, the High Authority currently recommends vaccination to contact cases of confirmed cases of monkey pox, to “men who have sex with men reporting multiple sexual partners, trans people reporting multiple sexual partners, people in prostitution and professionals in places of sexual consumption, regardless of the status of these places.

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