Migraines, insomnia, fatigue… these foods to favor to cure these 6 daily ailments!

Whether it’s fatigue, migraines or even trouble sleeping, your diet can soothe them. Indeed, some foods have undeniable virtues on the state of mind or on health. With these foods do not need medication, they contain many benefits that could be of great use to you. We’ll explaine everything here.

The 6 evils that can be avoided

First of all, you should know that drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day will save you from many evils. For example, migraines can be significantly alleviated if you drink enough water. They can indeed be an indicator of dehydration.


Insomnia results from a lack of sleep. And to be sleepy, the brain secretes a hormone, it is melatonin. Not to be confused with melanin which is related to the sun and the color of your skin. Specialists advise drinking cow’s milk to find sleep more easily. It turns out that in it, there is melatonin, ideal for promoting sleep. The salmon also has the power to stimulate even more the production of the latter.
It may also be that the causes of insomnia are due to stress, anxiety and even migraines. Well The kiwi has antioxidant properties that help reduce stress. This will make it easier for you to sleep and stay in your sleep state longer.

Stress and migraines

Speaking of stress, another very good food to prevent its appearance is the lawyer. oil olive It too has anti-stress properties, in particular with its numerous omega-3s and 6s which increase the level of happy hormones in the brain. What reduce stress and migraines.


If water is a very important element to avoid migraines, blueberries can also help. Indeed, their antioxidant effects are a good help. There are also other fruits such as Kiwi or even the strawberry.

Back and stomach pain

Back pain is just as debilitating as migraines. Yet by eating more eggs and cabbage and less Red meat, you could suffer much less. Also, if you replace red meat with tofu, your stomach aches could also give you rest. It also seems advisable to eat potatoes or some broccoli for this same purpose.


As with migraines, water consumption plays a key role in the fight against fatigue. So whether it’s the bananasthem nutthem almonds, pistachios and cashew nutthey all help to stop feeling the daily fatigue.

Thus, many ailments can be avoided through your diet. But the basis of everything remains nevertheless hydration. Indeed, drinking water is necessary for the proper functioning of your body. Otherwise what, you will have migraineof the fatiguefrom stress, even even health concerns such as infections of kidneys or the bladder.

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