Mexico: Tesla grants itself a specific line to cross the American border

This is undoubtedly a great move made by Elon Musk to facilitate Tesla’s trade with Mexico. As reported by The Guardian, the electric vehicle company has just been granted a specific lane at the Mexico-US border. Please note that not all Tesla owners will be able to take this route, it is only the company’s suppliers. However, as Tesla has at least six of them on the Mexican side, their passage is crucial especially since the installation of the brand’s new headquarters in Austin, Texas.

This agreement obtained by Elon Musk with the neighboring state of Nuevo León, and “favorable for business”, therefore leaves a lane in the middle of that of cars and those of trucks at the Laredo checkpoint, in the north of the state. . “It’s just an incentive” (to go there)”, highlighted the Minister of Economy of the Mexican State to our colleagues. “What we want is a much faster and more efficient border crossing. Maybe there will be other routes in the future like Tesla’s,” he confirmed.


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Investment in Mexico

Asked about the issue, Tesla has not yet responded to the American or Mexican press. Especially since all the rules regarding the use of this route are not completely clear. What we do know is that it is only implemented in Mexico, in the Nuevo Leon-Texas direction. Managed checkpoints in the United States do not reserve any lanes for businesses. US Customs and Border Protection told TechCrunch that currently only one lane is reserved for businesses enrolled in the CBP- Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT). They take the Free and Secure Trade Lane, a fast lane.

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All other companies use the regular route towards the Laredo-Colombia Solidaritry International bridge. On the American side, we were also very surprised to see a lane reserved for a single company. But for the Minister of Economy of the Mexican State, this decision is easily explained: it is an economic link that is developing since Nuevo León is becoming a center of electromobility, and this year, 5% to 7% of investment in the state will come from industry. Despite having a strong foothold in Mexico, Elon Musk continues to call his cars “the most American-made”.


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