Mercato: the future of Bamba Dieng definitively sealed

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OM’s transfer window continues. While Alexis Sanchez should be Marseille’s next recruit, the OM leaders also hope to sell several players. After Alvaro’s departure, Pablo Longoria tries to get Bamba Dieng out, who attracts the greed of several European clubs. However, the Marseille agent spoke and made a strong announcement for the future.

Dieng will stay

In an interview, granted to “La Provence“, Bocar Seck expressed himself: “His decision is made. He wants to stay. OM is his club. He intends to give back to the fans all the positive energy he receives through good performances on the pitch”.

to summarize

Bamba Dieng’s agent spoke about the future of his protege and definitively seals his future. In an interview, granted to “La Provence“, Bocar Seck announces that his player does not intend to leave this summer and that he will remain at OM.

Adam Duarte

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