Matchday 1: Despite Ten Hag’s arrival at Manchester United, nothing has changed after the loss to Brighton

There were loud whistles. Then, height of humiliation, “Ole” descending from the visiting stand as Manchester United struggled to offer coherent football until the hour mark. Scenes worthy of a 2021-2022 season that Old Trafford had promised himself to forget. But the first match of the Erik ten Hag era, a logical defeat against Brighton (1-2), led to a cold observation: a revolution from top to bottom does not happen in a summer…

A double pivot McTonimay-Fred of a distressing neutrality, attackers in loss of confidence, a friable defense: the Dutchman may have strong principles, we thought we found the same team as last year. With the ball, this Manchester United lacks ideas. And without, it seems to be open to the four winds. So, of course…

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For the MU of ten Hag, a big first, a big failure


Fred and McTonimay are not good enough

We started the game well with controlestimated Harry Maguire on Sky Sports. But we conceded the first goal and it sounded quite harsh. We stopped playing from there, we have to be careful in the future that this first goal does not shake us so much. But we have to be better with the ball, we encouraged them to attack us. It was a nightmare to be down 0-2 at the break“. On the bench, Cristiano Ronaldo and Raphaël Varane did not think anything else. Ten Hag either, he who admitted that his team should have been “better with the ball“.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s pout on the Manchester United bench against Brighton

Credit: Imago

Fred and McTonimay are not good enough to put Manchester United back on top, we’ve seen it for weeks, they don’t have that build“, for his part, struck Roy Keane at the microphone of Sky Sports. So, inevitably, after this disappointing start, and despite a last half hour more coherent if not really exciting, Old Trafford understood that the word “transition” should still apply to the season which opens.

And Ronaldo?

there is work“, breathed Ten Hag, affirming however that this first match did not necessarily change his position.There are big problems to fix but we have to give this manager a chance. And money to recruit“, for his part wished Keane as Manchester United continue to search for a goalscorer where his deficiencies in the middle have seemed evident for years.

Everyone knows the missionsummarized Maguire afterwards. We had a bad season last year. We have a new manager who tries to install his philosophy, but when we don’t do it well, we are far too open…“. It remains to be seen whether the most lethal weapon of MU to hope to rebuild will still be there at the beginning of September. Came into play, Cristiano Ronaldo could not influence the destiny of his people. And this failed entry should not divert him from his first opinion: Manchester United is still very far from regaining the heights…

He wants to leave, but… A new club has just failed Ronaldo

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