Massive recall in France: this salmon must be brought urgently, it is contaminated!

Seafood is very popular in France, especially during hot weather. The salmon even holds the first place even before the cod. But this week, one of the famous smoked salmon undergoes a product recall and therefore sees the notoriety of this fish plummet. We’ll explaine everything here.

Salmon, a popular fish

Salmon has always been a product much appreciated by the French, but in recent years it seems to be more and more so. Indeed, in 2020 FranceAgriMer even estimated that the consumption of the latter was in 25% increase in volume, but also 20% in value.

But, if more and more salmon seems to be consumed, it turns out that its price also increases. In one year, its price has almost doubled. The reasons for the increase in the latter are various. It turns out that feeding farmed salmon is becoming more and more expensive, and this is therefore reflected in its price. Also, this product becomes like all the others, subject of supply and demand. But in addition to its increasing price, it may be worth checking before buying one. Indeed, a smoked salmon product is the subject of a product recall.

Why a product recall

A smoked salmon product was removed from sale recently. Indeed, it is the subject of a product recall. Seems to be in question because of its high content of listeria monocytogenes which is thus one of the agents of listeriosis. That is why it should not be consumed.

Indeed, listeriosis is a disease that can become serious to the point of causing death. This disease spreads throughout the body after consumption of the contaminated product. It can be found in many types of product such as poultry, dairy products or many others. But this time it’s the smoked salmon which is in question.

Listeriosis is all the more dangerous for people at risk. By this we mean pregnant women, the elderly or young, or those with a weak immune system. The symptoms of this disease are similar to the flu. Whether it’s headache, chills, fever, loss of appetite or even pains at the belly. Thus, if you have the slightest doubt about a potential contamination due to salmon in your case, you are strongly advised to consult a doctor in order to clarify your doubts.

Moreover, the Rappel Conso site does not laugh with this disease. It is clearly stated that this consumption of salmon can cause “severe forms with neurological complications and maternal or fetal damage in pregnant women”.

The products concerned

Fortunately, not all smoked salmon seem to be concerned. There is only one salmon involved. This is pre-sliced ​​Norwegian smoked salmon from the prod’fish brand. This one is presented under vacuum and must have been sold between the July 20 and 26. The batch number is 716158. You can also refer to its expiry date which goes until August 9 of this year.

So, if you think you have already consumed this salmon or seem exposed to the disease, you are still invited to consult a doctor. If you have this product at home, you can bring it back to the store. You can want a refund or else the destroy. But in any case, it is better not to consume it. It is also recommended to go to the government website Rappel Conso to keep up to date with products that could be dangerous.

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