Manchester United’s funny idea to keep Cristiano Ronaldo

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The soap opera was starting to drag… And it could well end during this day on Tuesday. And for good reason, it is today that Cristiano Ronaldo will return to Manchester, and a meeting with the Mancunian leaders and coach Erik ten Hag is scheduled. The Portuguese player and the thinking heads of the Red Devils will discuss the future of the Lusitanian star.

Objective ? Convince Cristiano Ronaldo to stay. That’s what the media say The Sun. But the Portuguese’s response should be the same as since the start of this affair: he wants to leave at all costs, in order to play in the Champions League in particular. And a solution that could satisfy both parties is mentioned by the tabloid…

A year and then comes back

According to Sun therefore, Manchester United would agree to let CR7 leave … But for one year, in the form of a loan. This would allow the Portuguese to play in the most prestigious of European competitions, before returning to Old Trafford hoping that during this coming season, the Red Devils have obtained their ticket via the Premier League.

But for that, the Portuguese striker must extend his contract which only expires in a year. A proposal will be made to him during the day therefore, and it will be necessary to see if this option will be deemed convincing in his eyes. As a reminder, it is Atlético de Madrid who seems to hold the rope in this case, and this solution could also be suitable for the people of Madrid since it would be less expensive than a classic transfer. To be continued…

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