Man Is Hired By Google After 39 Attempts. Her story is now viral

Man is hired by Google after 39 attempts.  Her story is now viral

Tyler Cohen first applied to Google in August 2019.

The story of a man who never stopped trying and finally got a job at his dream organization, Google, is inspiring people online. Tyler Cohen has applied to the tech giant not once or twice, but 39 times. He shared the screenshot of all his email communications with Google, and the last one on July 19 when he got the job. Mr. Cohen lives in San Francisco and worked as Associate Director – Strategy and Operations at DoorDash before being offered a position by Google.

“There is a fine line between perseverance and madness. I’m still trying to figure out which one I have. 39 rejections, 1 acceptance,” he said in the short LinkedIn post, which is now going viral.


The man added creative hashtags like #acceptedoffer, #application etc. The post was liked by nearly 35,000 people and nearly 800 users commented on it.

The screenshot of his follow-up mails to and from Google shows that he first applied on August 25, 2019, but was rejected. He didn’t give up and reapplied for a job – twice – in September 2019. Mr Cohen was rejected both times. The screenshot further shows an eight-month gap from September 2019. Mr. Cohen re-entered in June 2020 during the Covid pandemic, but was rejected each time until July 19, 2022, when to which he was selected by the tech giant.

Users are impressed with Mr. Cohen’s achievement and have posted several congratulatory messages. Some users even shared their own experiences.

“Mine was over 120 rejections from Amazon until I finally landed a job,” one user said. “I am at 83 requests, 52 rejections and 1 awaiting response (final round). It’s brutal here,” added another.

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