Major new breakthrough against cancer: researchers discover how to quickly detect if a deadly tumor is at risk of developing

This finding “may have great implications for precision medicine in the treatment of prostate cancer, and other cancer groups.”

Scientists have just discovered how to know if patients with Prostate cancer suffer from a deadly tumor or not. The work carried out by the Department of Medical Biosciences at the Swedish University of Umeå in collaboration with a research group at Uppsala University has been published in the medical journal eBioMedicine.

“We have discovered a new, previously unknown function of the type I TGF-β receptor (TbRI), which is an important signaling protein in cancer cells. Previous studies have shown that TGF-β signaling is important in the development of several forms of cancerexplained Maréne Landström, professor of pathology at Umeå University.

The most common cancer in men

“But with the use of this new discovery, we can reassure men with prostate cancer who have a promising prognosis, and those with high-risk prostate cancer may be offered treatment earlier. Our findings and publication are important for a large group of prostate cancer patients, and there is reason to believe that other groups of patients will benefit.” she added.

In France, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and 3rd cancer causing the most deaths according to data from Public Health France.

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