Lomepal delights us by submitting Google reviews for each of its concerts

Well, we grant you, the pieces of Lomepal do not breathe joy. Between his existential crises in “Évidemment”, his aversion against haters in “Ma cousin” and his heartache in… all his songs in fact, we know Lomepal rather in a low register. But the singer also knows how to clown around. He left a Google comment on all the scenes he performed during his mini-tour this summer.

Lomepal disappeared from the radar for 3 years. Time to reinvigorate, you will tell us. On June 2, he released “Tee” which completed his turn towards rock and acoustic atmospheres, which we sensed from his recordings in the legendary Motorbass studio. And as it seems, “the City of Light is resting on its laurels”, Lomepal left the capital to begin a series of very intimate concerts in France. A handful of lucky people were able to see him play in Sète, Bayonne, Arles and Vienne… He only played in ancient theatres. How classy! We admit it, at first we found it quite pedantic but the result is magical. It gives a wonderful mix of modernity and tradition rather unexpected but successful. We let you admire the result with your own eyes.

And Antoine Valentinelli (for those close to him) seems to have enjoyed the reunion with his audience. At the end of each of his dates, he leaves a Google comment, often tinged with irony: “Very good first concert with a very reactive public, a little windy, just what is needed for July 7. Small flat on the forgetting of the words of “Too beautiful” but improvable, in short I recommend”. A kind of little logbook. You can thus remember this moment for the lucky ones, or follow Palpal’s adventures from afar for the others. He slips in little anecdotes that make us smile, like that of the concert in Vienna, the last date of his mini-tour: “Audience already on fire, even before Keroué launched his first sound, thousands shouting the name “Magalie”, the person who sent them water if I understood correctly. To find the comments, nothing could be simpler, just type the theater in question on the internet, followed by “opinions” and embark on a treasure hunt to find Antoine’s commentary. For the lazy, this Instagram account has them all listed.

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