Live on the internet, he forgets to look at the road in front of him and damages his Tesla in Autopilot mode

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Even though Tesla’s Autopilot system continues to make progress, it still can’t stand on its own. It has also been specified in the Highway Code that the driver must be able to take the wheel at any time.

Yes, a bad maneuver or a simple moment of misunderstanding on the part of the autonomous driving system and it’s an accident!

That’s what happened here. Indeed, the Tesla was driving quietly on a highway under construction. The Autopilot then did not detect the terminals indicating the narrowing of the lane and therefore did not fall back quickly enough on the right lane.

Result, a torn mirror and a badly damaged door. But what was the driver doing? Well the latter was live on the internet and was probably too preoccupied with his chat at the time…


In this clash, even if the Autopilot is in question for its failure, it is the driver of the car who is at fault. Yes, the latter was not vigilant enough to what was happening in front of him and was therefore not able to get back behind the wheel in time.

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