LIVE – France-Iceland: the French in front thanks to an early goal from Melvine Malard

What an opportunity for Iceland

On a corner, Pauline Peyraud-Magnin fails to impose herself in the air and Gunnarsdottir places a whim which ends at the foot of the post of the French cages.

Nice stop from Peyraud-Magnin

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin makes a good dive and captures Vilhjalmsdottir’s long shot in two stages.

The bar for Baltimore

The second goal of the Bleues was not far away. Sandy Baltimore tries his luck. His attempt is deflected and crashes into the bar.

Jonsdottir seems touched

The Iceland winger remains on the ground and holds the back of the thigh. She temporarily leaves the field and receives healing.

Vigilant Peyraud-Magnin

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin is vigilant and seizes the ball on a long Icelandic touch which had not been touched by anyone.

Cascarino and Palis are back

Corinne Deacon made two changes at the break of this meeting. Delphine Cascarino and Ella Palis replaced Kadidiatou Diani and Charlotte Bilbault.

Here we go again

Jana Adámková kicks off this second act between Iceland and France. Les Bleues lead in the score thanks to a goal from Melvine Malard.

End of the first period

This is the end of this first period between Iceland and France. Les Bleues lead 1-0 thanks to an ultra-fast goal from Melvine Malard.

three more minutes

Three minutes of additional time will be played in this third day of Group D and this match between Iceland and France.

Peyraud-Magnin intervenes well

On a new Icelandic corner, Pauline Peyraud-Magnin comes out again and intervenes well this time.

Peyraud-Magnin is magnifying

On an Icelandic corner, Peyraud-Magnin misses his intervention but the Blue ones come out of it with more fear than harm.

First card of the match

Thorvaldsdottir is the first to be warned in this meeting after a poorly controlled tackle on Charlotte Bilbault.

The pace has dropped

For a few minutes the intensity and the rhythm of the drop has radically dropped, giving way to many more approximations and technical faults.

End of the first half hour

The first half hour of this third day of Group D has just ended and Les Bleues are still leading the score and confirming their first place more than ever. Iceland is still virtually qualified because Belgium and Italy draw at the same time.

First cool break

Jana Adámková whistles the first fresh break of this meeting. It is also very hot in the north of England.

Malard tries to score a brace

Melvine Malard controls a through pass, turns around and continues but the attempt by the Lyonnaise escapes the frame of Sigurdardottir.

Sandy Baltimore close to scoring

The second goal of the Bleues was not far away. On a beautiful overflow from Melvine Malard on the right side, Baltimore resumes in the axis but the Icelandic defense supplements their goalkeeper.

Iceland tries to press

The Icelanders try to settle in the French camp but the Blues often manage to get out of the laundry.

What a rescue from Viggosdottir

The Iceland defender makes a magnificent defensive move by tackling Sandy Baltimore’s shot which seemed to go into the net.

The bar for Iceland

The first thrill has just taken place for the Blue in this meeting. On a corner hit at the far post, Jonsdottir takes the lead but the bar repels the danger.

Baltimore strike misses

After a nice combination with Melvine Malard, Sandy Baltimore takes his chance from outside the area but his shot does not catch the frame.

Gunnarsdottir’s shot doesn’t find the target

The Icelandic captain takes her chance from afar after a loss of the French ball in midfield but the shot from the Icelandic player does not find the target.

Superb start of the Blues

Beyond Melvine Malard’s opener, Les Bleues are well in their game and have mastered the start of the match.

Malard opens the scoring

What a start for the Bleues and the replacement for Marie-Antoinette Katoto. Melvine Malard places a ball out of reach of the Icelandic door.

Let’s go !

The kick-off of this meeting has just been given at New York Stadium in Rotherham. France, already qualified, want to end this group stage on a high note.

The kick-off will be given in fifteen minutes

There are 15 short minutes left before the kick-off of this last Group D match of Euro 2022 between Iceland and France.

Iceland have already beaten France

Tonight is the eighth meeting between the two teams. And Iceland won the very first in history but conceded all the others.

The composition of Iceland (in 4-3-3)

Sigurdardottir – Gudn. Arnadottir, Viggósdóttir, Sigurdardottir, Gisladottir – Brynjardottir, Vilhjalmsdottir, Gunnarsdottir – Jonsdottir, Albertsdottir, Thorvaldsdottir

And here is the composition of the Blue, with six changes compared to the second game

The eleven of France: Peyraud-Magnin – Torrent, Tounkara, Renard (c), Bacha – Bilbault, Mateo, Toletti – Diani, Malard, Baltimore.


RMC SPORT INFO: Melvine Malard at the forefront

While we could expect to see Ouleymata Sarr at the forefront of the Bleues attack on Monday evening, it will ultimately be Lyonnaise Melvine Malard (22 years old, 15 caps) who will take the place of Marie-Antoinette Katoto, according to our information.


The stakes of the match against Iceland

Already qualified, the Blues will not take this match against Iceland lightly. Here are the different issues of this meeting which does not count for butter.

After Iceland, the Netherlands on the road to Les Bleues

Guaranteed to finish at the top of group D, the French players already know their opponent for the quarter-finals. France will therefore play against the Netherlands for a place in the last four. RMC Sport makes presentations with the Dutch selection.

Group D standings

France is guaranteed to finish in first place. Behind Les Bleues, everyone can still finish second and qualify for the quarter-finals.

Group D ranking before J3:

1. France with 6 pts (+5)

2. Iceland with 2 pts (0)

3. Belgium with 1 pt (-1)

4. Italy with 1 pt (-4)

Who to replace Katoto at the top?

Touched against Belgium, Marie-Antoinette Katoto is forfeited for the rest of the competition. Without the top scorer in the French Championship, Les Bleues will have to innovate.

Facing the Belgians, Ouleymata Sarr had taken over perfectly, but the Paris FC striker is not yet sure that she can hold her place due to discomfort in her thigh. It’s up to Corinne Deacon to decide.

Hi there,

From 9 p.m., the French women’s team will face Iceland in their third and last group match at Euro 2022. Already qualified and assured of first place in Group D, Les Bleues must not relax.

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