LIVE – European Championships: Hard blow for Mayer, injured in the 100m decathlon

There is still a Frenchman in the decathlon

Baptiste Thiery begins the long jump with a jump of 6.94m.

Margot Chevrier, Ninon Chapelle and Marie-Julie Bonnin in the pole vault

The three French women easily pass a first bar at 4.25m. Qualification is set at 4.55m.

The omnisport program with track cycling, rock climbing and table tennis

1:30 p.m. Women’s omnium track cycling event 1/4 (Clara Copponi)
1:45 p.m. Men’s omnium track cycling event 1 / 4 (Donavan Grondin)
2 p.m. Women’s speed qualifying climb
2:30 p.m. Men’s speed qualifying climb
2:40 p.m. Table tennis match semi-final mixed doubles Lebesson / Yuan VS Slovak
3:30 p.m. Women’s speed final climbing
3:45 p.m. Final climbing men’s speed
3:45 p.m. Women’s sprint semi-final (Mathilde Gros)
4:10 p.m. Women’s omnium track cycling, 2/4 event (Clara Copponi)
4:18 p.m. Men’s omnium track cycling, 2/4 event (Donavan Grondin)
4:41 p.m. Track cycling Kilometer (Quentin Lafargue)
5:05 p.m. Women’s omnium track cycling ¾ event (Clara Copponi)
5:15 p.m. Group stage Beach volley (Vieira/Chamereau)
5:25 p.m. Track cycling final bronze and gold Women’s sprint race 1 (Mathilde Gros)
5:41 p.m. Men’s omnium track cycling ¾ event (Donavan Grondin)
6:01 p.m. Track cycling final bronze and gold Women’s sprint race 2 (Mathilde Gros)
6:09 p.m. Women’s omnium track cycling 4/4 event (Clara Copponi)
6:41 p.m. Track cycling final bronze and gold Sprint woman la Belle (Mathilde Gros)
6:45 p.m. Men’s omnium track cycling ¼ event (Donavan Grondin)
7:20 p.m. Table tennis mixed doubles gold match if qualifying Lebesson Yuan

Mayer on France 3: “I may have had eyes bigger than my stomach”

“I didn’t want it to burst. I’ve had this pain for three months before Eugene. The decathlon is tight. I chose a lot of rest and recovery and I didn’t test. Last Thursday I I tested but I was in great pain. I spent four days doing non-stop care. It was such an incredible goal to manage to make two medals in two championships in three weeks. I wanted to give myself a chance to do so. arrive, to be there on D-Day and see how it responded.

At 50m, when I start to feel that it is getting more and more tense. Above all, I don’t want to leave with an injury. I’m sorry for those who believed in this feat, I believed in it too. I may have had eyes bigger than my stomach. It feels good to be on vacation.

My mind forbids giving up when all is not lost. My experience tells me that we’re drooling and I don’t want to make any more mistakes. I know how to recover. I’m coming out of a season where I only have this very small injury. It’s a rebirth to be world champion without any injuries. There is a good margin and a good confidence.

It is the great adductor. When I did a leg lift during my prep in May, I felt something had gone wrong. It’s not like the quadriceps.”

The blow for Mayer!

Engaged in the third series of the 100m, the reigning world champion in the decathlon stopped in the middle of the race due to pain! He still crossed the line last (11 “67) but his face does not bode well. Terrbiel news for the tricolor clan.

Swimming: Mixed 4×100 relay: the Blues qualified for the final

The French mixed 4x100m NL team (Hadrien Salvan, Charles Rihoux, Lucile Tessariol and Béryl Gastaldello) qualified for the relay final by taking the best qualifying time (3’26″19).

100m backstroke (F): Analia Pigrée eliminated in the heats

They were four French women at the start of the 100m backstroke series this morning but only two could reach the semi-finals. And it was Emma Terebo and Pauline Mahieu who emerged victorious from the Franco-French battle in the heats this morning between four swimmers in a position to qualify. The European champion in the 50m backstroke last night Analia Pigrée and the other finalist Mary-Ambre Moluh remain at the dock.

Emma Terebo, 5th in the world championships over the distance in Budapest last June, set the 5th time in the series in 1’00″52, just ahead of Pauline Mahieu, 6th in 1’00″53.
Pigree sets the 10th time in 1’01″24 and Moluh finishes 12th in 1’01″33.

50m breaststroke (H): Qualification of Antoine Viquerat for the half

18th in the heats in 27″87, Antoine Viquerat quietly slipped into the semi-final of the 50m breaststroke, just like Carl Aitkaci.

50m NL (F): Béryl Gastaldello qualified for the semi-finals

The Frenchwoman achieved the 6th time in the series in 25″11 and qualified for the semi-finals.

The athletics program, with Kévin Mayer from 10 a.m.

From 10 o’clock : Men’s shot put qualifications; decathlon (100m, long jump, shot put); women’s pole vault qualifications; women’s marathon; 100m men (heats); women’s shot put qualifications; men’s marathon, women’s 100m (heats); men’s long jump qualifications.

From 6:15 p.m.: women’s discus throw qualifications; decathlon (high jump, 400m); 400m men and women (heats); men’s triple jump qualifications; men’s and women’s shot put final; 1500m men (heats); 10,000m women.

The swimming program


Women: 50 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 200 medley

Men: 50 breaststroke, 200 butterfly, 1500 freestyle

4x100m freestyle mixed relay

Semi-finals and finals

6 p.m.: Women – 100m butterfly – Final

6:06 p.m.: Men – 200m freestyle – Final

6:13 p.m.: Women – 200m breaststroke – Final

6:20 p.m.: Women – 100m backstroke – Semi-finals

6:29 p.m.: Men – 50m breaststroke – Semi-finals

6:50 p.m.: Women – 50m freestyle – Semi-finals

6:57 p.m.: Men – 200m butterfly – Semi-finals

7:07 p.m.: Women – 200m medley – Semi-finals

7:24 p.m.: Men – 50m backstroke – Final

7:29 p.m.: Women – 1500m freestyle – Final

7:49 p.m.: Mixed – 4x100m freestyle relay – Final

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Welcome to this live commentary to follow the European Multisport Championships, including swimming in Rome and the first athletics events in Munich. Reigning world champion in the decathlon, Kévin Mayer begins the first events on Monday.

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