LIVE – England-Spain: the English take the lead in extra time

The English are getting closer

Pushed by their entire stadium, the English team seems very close to qualification, with a free kick obtained in the opposing camp.

no respite

The Spaniards no longer have a choice and quickly project themselves on the opposing goal. England have more space and are also trying to take advantage of it in this pleasant extension.

Amaiur does not chain

Found in depth, the attacker fails to gain the upper hand over her vis-à-vis and finally loses the ball. Spain has not given up.

England miss the break

Despite a corner and a possession in the last 30 meters, the Lionesses did not manage to worry Panos again.

Bonmati misses the target!

Great opportunity for La Roja. Found at the penalty spot, Bonmati saw his shot pass clearly to the left of the English goal.

Start of the second half!

Spain still have a quarter of an hour to snatch a penalty shootout!

Half-time in this extension!

England have taken the lead thanks to Stanway and are only 15 minutes from the semi-final!

1 minute of additional time

The half-time of this extension is already coming…

Corner for Spain

The English defense emerges and then sees Aleixandri’s header go wide. Earps must have been busy moments ago.

Lionesses in management

England have more control since their second goal, although their advantage is still far from having given up.

Change for La Roja

Caldentey is replaced by Sarriegi for Spain.

Spain’s reaction

Del Castillo crosses from the left of the area, unsuccessfully. Earps catches and relieves his defense.


England take the lead, 2-1! Not attacked in the middle, the English midfielder takes her chance from outside the area and deceives Panos with a powerful cross shot!

A disjointed start

Approximations have multiplied on both sides since the resumption of play. Fatigue and nervousness are felt.

The Lionesses leave strong

First goal opportunity for England on the right of the surface. Spain recover a goal clearance.

Here we go again in Brighton!

La Roja kick off the first half of extra time!

On to the extension!

End of regulation time, 1-1 between England and Spain! Despite Gonzalez’s goal, La Roja gave way in the final minutes to Toone. First place in the semi-finals will be decided in overtime.

Menacing England

La Roja is on the back foot in these last seconds of play in front of the envy of the Lionesses.

Minimal risk taking

The two teams do not discover each other in these last minutes, for fear of a counter.

5 minutes of additional time

England give everything to snatch the qualification and avoid an extension!

Rodriguez called to order

The substitute goalkeeper of La Roja collects a card on her bench for protest.

The extension takes shape

There are only a few minutes left for the two teams to decide before playing an additional 30 minutes.


England equalize in the final minutes! On the right, Hemp sends a center on the head of Russo, who serves Toone from close range. The incoming crucifies Panos, 1-1!

End of ordeal for Daly

The English side, beaten on the Spanish goal, gives way to Greenwood.

Less than ten minutes to play!

England is still virtually eliminated from its Euro at the gates of the semi-finals.

La Roja insists

The ball is still in the English area. The Lionesses struggle to come out and struggle to stay in the game.

The goalscorer leaves her place

Gonzalez is replaced by S.Garcia for the last quarter of an hour.

Opportunity for England!

Spain struggled to get clear in their area and the ball finally returned to Hemp at close range. His shot is too removed.

The Castillo Festival

The incoming makes a new small bridge on Daly to the right of the surface. His center does not find a taker but Del Castillo does great damage in the English defense.

Fresh blood for La Roja

Aleixandri takes the place of Abelleira on the Spanish side.

England is pushing

Corner for the English on the left. Kelly directly finds the gloves of Panos, who concedes a new corner. It’s ruled out by the defense.

Daly tests Panos

In front of the surface, the English defender takes her chance. It is captured in two stages by Panos, who has just stopped the first frame of the match for England.

Big heat on the English goal!

Excellent intervention from Earps with the end of the gloves to repel a sumptuous lob from Del Castillo on the right! England are on the verge of K-0.

New change for England

Kirby gives way to Toone for the last half hour of play.

England demand a penalty!

Contact between Battle and Hemp angers Brighton Stadium! Despite the limit intervention of the knee of the Spanish defender, there will be no penalty.

Wiegman wastes no time

The Lionesses coach makes a double change in response to this goal: Kelly and Russo replace Mead and White.

First for England

The English had not conceded a goal since the start of the competition. They have about forty minutes to react and avoid elimination.


And 1-0 for Spain! On the right of the area, Del Castillo makes a small bridge in front of Daly before serving his center forward back to the penalty spot. Gonzalez performs a perfect control-cross shot sequence, without looking at the goal.

Bonmati takes his chance

The strike on the ground from the Spanish midfielder lacks power and can be picked up easily by Earps.

We stay on the same scenario

Goalscoring opportunities are still rare since the resumption of play. The English are still too imprecise to worry Panos.

White offside

No regrets for the English striker, who had completely missed her recovery in the box, despite Stanway’s good cross.

An intruder on the lawn

As England were about to take a free kick, a man entered the lawn, trying to cling to the England post. He was evacuated by security.

A change for Spain

Del Castillo replaces Cardona to start this second half.

Here we go again in this quarter-final!

Beginning of the second act between England and Spain!

Half time in Brighton!

No goal in a fairly closed first quarter-final! Spain showed the best face of this first period, against disappointing Lionesses.

1 minute of additional time

The break is approaching and still no semi-finalist emerges from this meeting.

Leon warned

First card of the match for the Spanish defender, guilty of an annihilation of counter on Stanway.

La Roja procrastinates

Spain has just let an English highlight pass and calms the game a few minutes before the break.

Hemp is missing his head

Surprised by White’s miss on a cross from the left, Hemp did not have time to cock his head in front of goal. It passes by.

It’s better for the Lionesses

England finally find themselves in the Spanish area, even if it does not give anything dangerous for the moment. La Roja no longer has the ball.

Goal by White… disallowed for offside!

The English center-forward is at the conclusion of a deflected free kick from the left, but his fox goal from the surfaces is refused!

Vigilant Panos

First striking intervention for the Spanish goalkeeper, who anticipates well at the entrance to her area, and seizes the ball.

Another corner for Spain

Earps punches the ball with his fist. It comes back to Bonmati, who takes his chance from afar. His shot is way above.

Carmona misses herself

The left side tries a cross-shot in front of the surface. It ends to the right of the opposing goal.

La Roja believes in it

Beautiful first period for the Spanish, who constantly press their opponents and worry the English defense.

Still no shot for England

Complicated start to the match for the English who have not yet shot on goal, against 4 times for Spain (one shot on target).

Spain insists

Cardona’s strike in the middle of the box, after an excellent job on the right, is deflected for a corner by Williamson. It does nothing.

La Roja threatening

Caldentey takes a free kick from the left. Patri deflects with a header at the near post. This does not go far from the English goal.

New corner for Spain

Leon hits him from the left. The danger is quickly averted by the defense of the Lionesses.

Caldentey solicits Earps

Spain takes its first shot in this game. Caldentey is trying from afar, it’s in the gloves of the English goalkeeper.

Carmona on land

Big sole of Stanway, sanctioned by a simple fault in the middle of the field.

Two player formations

No observation round in this first quarter-final. The two teams project themselves quickly and have been quite willing since the kick-off.

White imprecise of the head

On a free kick from the right, Mead finds White’s header in the middle of the box. This passes to the left of the Spanish goal.

First corner for La Roja

Leon finds Patri’s head on the surface. Cardona is too short to extend into the goal at the far post.

Mead offside

Interesting first ball for the tournament’s top scorer. She is finally signaled in an offside position on the right of the surface.

Bronze in legs

Big Bronze tumble on the right. The English side then loses her duel and the ball when crossing.

Earps on the ground

Nice exit from the ball from Spain which passes on the left. Carmona’s center is picked up by Earps, rammed, who stays down. More fear than harm.


Well-known face of Ligue 1, the French Stéphanie Frappart is the evening referee.

Let’s go between England and Spain!

La Roja kicks off this first quarter-final, excellent evening to all!

Entrance of the players

Both teams take to the pitch at Brighton & Hove Community Stadium under the English sun. Place for hymns.

Mead on his way?

The English striker already has 5 goals since the start of the tournament, the best total for a player in a group stage. She is only one goal away from equaling the record of Inka Grings, who had scored 6 goals in the same Euro.

Spain can match their best performance

While England are still waiting for their first title after two defeats in the final (1984, 2009), Spain have never done better than a Euro semi-final. This stage of the competition was reached once, in 1997.

La Roja trembled

First victorious over Finland (4-1), Spain then lost against Germany (2-0) before securing their place in the quarter-finals thanks to a goal from Cardona in added time against Denmark (1-0).

The Lionesses left only crumbs

England are undoubtedly the most impressive team in the group stage. The host country of this Euro 2022 has won its three matches, without conceding a single goal for 14 registered: 1-0 against Austria, 8-0 against Norway and 5-0 against Northern Ireland.

The composition of Spain

Panos – Batlle, Paredes, Leon, Carmona – Bonmati, Guijarro, Abelleira – Cardona, Gonzalez, Caldentey

Substitutes: Gallardo, Rodriguez, Aleixandri, Andres, Guerrero, Del Castillo, Sarriegi, Ouahabi, L.Garcia, Pereira, S.Garcia, Pina

The composition of England

Earps – Bronze, Bright, Williamson, Daly – Stanway, Walsh – Kirby – Mead, White, Hemp

Substitutes: Roebuck, Greenwood, Carter, Stokes, Scott, Parris, Kelly, England, Toone, Wubben-Moy, Russo

Full quarter-final schedule

The France team will face the Netherlands in particular on Saturday at 9 p.m.

Goodnight all

Welcome to our live commentary to follow the first quarter-final of the Women’s Euro between England and Spain live. Kick-off will be at 9 p.m. from Brighton.

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