LIVE – Bordeaux in Ligue 2 or N1: hearing before the CNOSF over, the few words of Gérard Lopez

End of the audition, Lopez spoke

After three hours, the Bordeaux delegation left the CNOSF shortly before 5 p.m. Gérard Lopez, with a smile, granted a few words to the press before getting back into his van to leave the premises: “It was a conciliation. We were able to expose what we had to say. Now, we will see what will happen next.”

NM and SG

Break in audition

Break at 3:50 p.m. after almost two hours of meeting in front of the CNOSF. Gérard Lopez came out with a smile. There is still an hour of meeting remaining.


The Bordeaux delegation arrived at the CNOSF

Shortly after 1:30 p.m., the president of the Girondins de Bordeaux, Gérard Lopez, arrived at the CNOSF. The club’s lawyer, Laurent Cotteret, his partner, Gilles Auguste, as well as Maître Barandas, another lawyer, also arrived. The judicial administrators, Maxime Lebreton and Franck Michel are on site. Thomas Jaquemier, the club’s deputy general manager, arrived at the same time as everyone else. Gérard Lopez appeared all smiles, discussed a few minutes outside with them, without addressing the media, before entering the enclosure around 1:45 p.m.

NM and SG

Bordeaux moves forward with confidence and details the levers already activated

On social networks, just over an hour from the start of the hearing before the CNOSF, the Girondins de Bordeaux detailed what had been put in place to convince of the project’s economic viability: “We We are determined and confident in our ability to convince because of the solidity of our case”, assures the club.

“Our file has been simplified and improved. Here are some indisputable truths recalled by the Commercial Court of Bordeaux in a judgment of 19/07 approving the conciliation protocol. The agreement ensures the sustainability of the FCGB in L2 thanks to important measures savings, financing & restructuring which guarantee cash flow until 06/2023, a debt reduction of nearly €40 million with a debt waiver of 75% bringing us back to the standards.”

“The judgment, in accordance with the requisitions of the Public Prosecutor, validates the absence of a state of cessation of payments, the durability of the agreements, the absence of infringement of the rights of third parties. Therefore, nothing opposes, legally and economically, to maintaining the club in L2. […] This is evidenced by the approval of the Commercial Court: we have the funds to evolve serenely in L2 thanks to a healthy restructuring.

What to expect from the hearing before the CNOSF this Thursday

We will not know this Thursday the decision of the CNOSF concerning the situation of the Girondins but the hearing will be very important. Since the administrative relegation, Bordeaux has made significant efforts, including debt reduction.

>>> what should be expected from the hearing before the CNOSF?

D-Day for the Bordeaux audition before the CNOSF

It is this Thursday (2 p.m.) that the Girondins de Bordeaux go before the CNOSF for a hearing which should be decisive concerning the division in which the club will play this season. League 2? The National 3 in the event of judicial liquidation? The next few days will tell.

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