legal proceedings target Cameroonian Émile Parfait Simb

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A recent note from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development noted that among the ten countries that hold the most crypto-assets relative to their populations, three are African. In the Central African sub-region, this attraction is real. But beware of scams, regularly reminds the financial market policeman, who regularly publishes alerts on products that do not have authorization. In their viewfinder in particular the company Global Investment Trading and the product Liyeplimal. Since the first alerts last year, a series of complaints have been filed by many people who claim to be victims.

Dominique Fousse represents 107 victims who live in the United States, France, England or Switzerland. She initiated two procedures in Cameroon. And filed a complaint with two other colleagues, last July, at the Paris prosecutor’s office.

We filed a complaint for fraud, and also for money laundering. There is a whole series of offenses that are provided for by the Penal Code when organizing his insolvency, and he did. I had precautionary seizures carried out, there was nothing left on the accounts of the company Global Trading. So there was nothing. The money probably left Cameroon by the means we know. And yet, there are still organizations in Cameroon that should take care of this and prevent the funds from being diverted and leaving the country.

On the promise of large returns, thousands of people have invested in the Liyeplimal product. However, very quickly, they can no longer recover the sums invested. A priority for the lawyer.

First that the money be returned to our subscribers. It creates real tragedies because there are people who have taken bank loans to be able to subscribe to him. There are couples who separated, there are people who died when they learned that they could no longer have access to their money. People really got into debt and invested their savings, because they believed they could make easy money.

The Cameroonian boss of the company, Émile Parfait Simb, has always defended himself in the press by speaking of ” misunderstandings with users. The latter holds a Central African diplomatic passport, it is not known where he currently resides.


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