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Todd Maron, Jonathan Chang, Alan Prescott and Bill Berry.  Sources: LinkedIn and Twitter


Todd Maron, Jonathan Chang, Alan Prescott and Bill Berry. Sources: LinkedIn and Twitter

According to Bloomberg Law, a dozen attorneys left their roles at Tesla this year. The company does not have a lawyer or legal officer among its top three executives. She also finds herself without a permanent general counsel since 2019.

People who have worked with Musk over the years believe he values ​​engineers much more than lawyers… which could hurt him in his legal battles and his dealings with shareholders.

These lawyers who left

According to Bloomberg Law sources, the head of Tesla’s legal department, Me David Searle, reportedly quit his post about a month ago. Information that the company denied on Twitter.

Tesla’s longest-serving chief legal officer, Me Todd Maron, left in 2018 after five years of service. This is Musk’s former personal attorney, Me Dane Butswinkas, who replaced Maron for two months. He then resigned in early 2019.

Me jonathan chang succeeded Me Butswinkas as General Counsel until he too resigned from the company in December 2019.

Tesla then turned to Me Alan Prescott to become his acting general counsel. He left Tesla in 2021 for Luminar Technologies Inc.

it’s me Bill Berry, a longtime Google attorney from Alphabet Inc., who replaced Mr. Prescott. He, too, left Tesla late last year to become general counsel for security firm Cloud Verdaka Inc.

Shareholders have expressed concerns in recent years about the lack of a general counsel or general counsel at Tesla. This is why the company is now looking for new recruits to fill out its legal team.

Recall that in mid-July, Twitter filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk to force him to respect his acquisition of 44 billion dollars. The trial is scheduled to take place on October 17.


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