Khosta-2: what we know about this strange new Russian virus close to Covid and resistant to vaccines

Khosta-2 is a new “sarbecovirus” that can infect human cells. This virus close to Covid-19 was discovered on bats in Russia.

The Covid is not yet behind us that we are already talking about a new virus. Indeed, the Kohsta-2 intrigues international scientists. According to a study by researchers at Washington State University published Thursday, September 22 in the journal PLoS Pathogens, it was discovered on bats in Russia. What do we know about this bacterium?

From the same family as Covid-19?

According to the study cited above, this virus would be part of the same family as Sars-Cov-2the virus causing Covid, in bats in Russia. According to them, this coronavirus, called Khosta-2, was circulating there as early as 2020.

What worries experts is the latest research, which suggests that this coronavirus is able to replicate in humans, but that it could also circumvent the immune protection provided by current vaccines against Covid-19according West France.

To reach this conclusion, the study authors checked whether the serum of patients vaccinated against Covid-19 neutralized Khosta-2. The result was negative, specifies in particular TF1 Info.

Named Khosta-2, it belongs to the “sarbecovirus” family, the same subcategory of coronavirus as Covid-19, with which it has “troubling characteristics”.

What are the consequences for humans?

The main author of the study reassures: the Khosta-2 does not seem not be able to cause severe forms in humansnoted The voice of the North.

However, the severity of a disease caused by a virus can change over time, as with Covid-19, by mutating.

The researchers who conducted the study still call for the development of universal vaccines against this type of virus.

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