Kevin Mayer gives up some ground in the 110m hurdles of the decathlon

Kevin Mayer started the second day of the decathlon in Eugene with a small disappointment. For his first 110m hurdles of the season, the decathlon world record holder finished fourth in his series in 13”92 (+1.1 m/s). An average time for him which places him behind the leader of the event, the Puerto Rican Ayden Owens-Delerme who finished second in 13”88 behind the Canadian Pierce Lepage (13”78, personal best) and ahead of the Australian Daniel Golubovic (13”92). Mayer made two big mistakes on the hurdles which heavily penalized him.

After six events, the Puerto Rican is still in the lead with 5,596 points ahead of Lepage (5,488), American Zachary Ziemek (5,384) and American Kyle Garland (5,364). Kevin Mayer is still in fifth place with 5357 points. The next events should prove more favorable to the French, who remains in the game for victory.


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