John McAfee, ex-crypto influencer, resurrected on Netflix

John McAfee

Netflix – Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee

Death by suicide in jail in 2021, John McAfee will not not deceased according to his ex-companion, who testifies in a documentary broadcast on netflix.

The life of John McAfee lends itself easily to a film as it is full of twists and turns. The creator of the eponymous antivirus is currently entitled to a netflix documentary.

This chaotic existence peppered with drugs, murders and stays in prison is summarized in a biopic titled “ Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee “.

McAfee: murder, drugs and crypto

Testifies in particular John McAfee’s ex-girlfriend: Samantha Herrera. The ex-crypto influencer had met him in Belize where he had fled after an alleged murder case.

And according to his testimony broadcast in the netflix documentary, so John McAfee would not have died in prison last year. She states that she received a phone call from the latter, assuring her that he had disguised his death by suicide.

According to Samantha Herrera, the disappeared would have assured him that only three people were in on the secret (before the broadcast of the program at least…). John McAfee would also have offered to run away with him. Shortly after his flight to the United States, the latter had nevertheless broken up and married another woman, Janice Dyson.

McAfee therefore died in June 2021 in a Spanish prison. He was found hanging in his cell. This suicide followed a court decision ordering his extradition to the United States.

John McAfee was prosecuted there for tax evasion and risked a heavy sentence. Cryptocurrencies, and their promotion on social networks, had notably enabled him to earn a lot of money. He would have failed to declare all of his assets.

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