Job cuts

The crisis is not just affecting small businesses. The proof with Meta, Netflix or even Google which could cut jobs.

Posted on 09-09-2022 by Nolwenn Guengant

The Mountain View company aims to increase its performance by 20%, as announced by Sundar Pichai during the Code Conference organized in Los Angeles. She also wants to optimize her expenses. In an email to which the magazine Information has had access, managers are asked to reduce travel by their employees.

Appetizers and team building, it’s over

Also in this e-mail relayed by Information, Google also asks that the presence of employees at certain events be avoided if it can be followed virtually. The employees of the American group will also have to do without team building breaks and aperitifs. We recently shared a guide to taking a responsible approach to managing expenses, including travel and events, a Google spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider. GAFA could go further to reduce its expenses by cutting jobs. The words of Sundar Pichai also seem to confirm this track. Sometimes there are areas of our business where three people are called upon to make a decision. Reducing the number of people involved to two would improve our team’s efficiency by 20%. Google could therefore reduce its workforce to allow its staff to be more productive.