Italian woman has 70 kg tumor removed

This is a first in the medical world. A young Italian woman has been successfully operated on for a 70-kilogram tumor in her abdomen.

Incredible but true. Suffering from a 70-kilogram tumor in the abdomen, a young Italian woman, whose clinical case was relayed by many media, came very close to death. His condition immediately led to emergency hospitalization. Her tumor, due to ovarian cancer, was so big that it compressed her lungs. The patient could no longer breathe normally.

Arrived a few weeks ago at the Molinette hospital in Turin, she was immediately intubated and placed on artificial respiration. The surgeons in charge of his case began by draining 52 liters of liquid before removing the solid part of the tumor, weighing 25 kilos. Never seen.

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The tumor heavier than the patient

“There is no precedent in the medical literature for a tumor mass of such weight. It weighed more than the patient herself,” the establishment said in a press release. Placed in intensive care, the patient got out and quickly recovered. She was transferred to a dietetics and nutrition unit a few days later before she was able to return home safe and sound.

As the Gustave Roussy Institute reminds us on its website, ovarian carcinoma is the 8th leading cause of cancer in women in France with approximately 5,200 new cases per year. Like many others, he can be asymptomatic for a long time. This is why it is unfortunately often diagnosed at an advanced stage, when cancer cells have proliferated to other nearby organs and tissues.

As with most cancers, age is an important risk factor. The older a woman gets, the more her risk of being the target increases. The median age at diagnosis is 68, according to the National Cancer Institute.

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