it could overtake the Tesla Roadster faster than it looks

MG’s electric roadster, called Cyberster, is making headlines again. The boss of SAIC Motor Europe, the firm owning MG, has announced that it will be unveiled in 2023.

MG Cyberster Concept-00002

MG has been teasing for several months with its 100% electric Cyberster roadster concept. We could see the concept in April 2021 in Shanghai. But since this summer, the Chinese manufacturer continues the teasing around the Cyberster. In June 2022, the patent filing had leaked, allowing to appreciate the design of the electric roadster. A few weeks later, the Cyberster was partially revealed in a video. The release of the MG4 electric compact sedan this week allowed us to learn a little more.

A presentation planned for 2023

Indeed, Liu Xiniyu, the boss of SAIC Motor Europe, confirmed the arrival of the MG Cyberster for 2023. The man told us that it would be the next model of MG, and that the final tests were approaching. Before indicating that the car was ” sensational“, merely stating that it was a high-performance 2-door roadster with ” an electrified heart“. We hope it will not be a hybrid or plug-in hybrid model, but a truly 100% electric model.

The concept, meanwhile, was 100% electric, with a range of 800 km, a 0 to 100 km / h shot in less than 3 seconds, and the presence of 5G connectivity. It should therefore be announced in 2023, while rumors speak of a commercial arrival for 2024.

The Tesla Roadster in the line of sight

In front of him, the MG Cyberster will have to deal with the Tesla Roadster. This one is late (even a lot) but should — finally — go into production next year. It must be said that Tesla is waiting like the messiah for the 4680 batteries that will produce the Tesla Roadster, with its dream technical sheet. As a reminder, the latter promises to go from 0 to 100 km / h in 1.1 seconds thanks to the “SpaceX” package with cold gas thrusters, or in 2.1 seconds in 100% electric.

Barring another Roadster delay, Tesla’s sporty electric car should be released before MG’s. Unless the Chinese manufacturer surprises us when it announces next year.

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