it could be diagnosed up to 3 years before

Called “the silent killer” because it progresses to a late stage without apparent symptoms, pancreatic cancer has become the 2nd digestive cancer in France and could become the second cause of death by cancer in the years 2030-2040. Rapid weight loss, hyperglycemia and diabetes are some of the known hallmarks of this cancer, but until now scientists did not know at what stage of the disease these changes occur. A new study from the University of Surrey (Great Britain) shows that paying attention to these signs could help diagnose pancreatic cancer 3 years earlier.

Dramatic weight loss is a warning sign

For this study, British researchers recruited 8,777 patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer as well as 34,979 controls by age, sex and diabetes. The results of this large study published on Plos One indicate that “statistically significant changes in weight and blood sugar control began on average 2 to 3 years before the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Vital information that could be used to detect pancreatic cancer earlier than currently.

“At diagnosis, the body mass index of people with pancreatic cancer was nearly three units lower than that of people without cancer.” The results of their (…)


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