Issa Kaboré blew at OGC Nice, the underside of the deal revealed!

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Igor Tudor said yesterday at a press conference: “A new element will arrive soon. Three pistons is not enough in the squad, you have to have four players for these two positions. Confirming the information from Provence, L’Equipe ensures that the replacement for Pol Lirola (on loan to Elche) will be the young Burkinabe from Manchester City, Issa Kaboré (21).

A €20 million call option for Kaboré

The daily even delivers the terms of the loan of the former ESTAC player. The interested party would arrive in the form of a loan with a non-compulsory purchase option. Option price: €20 million. A price that makes it almost impossible to keep for Marseille but allows Manchester City to put it on display for a future sale.

The track leading to Issa Kaboré has been dug internally for a long time. Indeed, the first contacts would date from the beginning of July, when OM were pushing to bring in Jonathan Clauss. Kaboré, who was followed by OGC Nice and Nottingham Forest (promoted to the Premier League) will have a supporting role for the former Lensois.

OM: the underside of the deal for Kaboré (City)

OM will finalize the loan of Issa Kaboré (Manchester City, 21) in the next few hours. The former Trojan was also in the good papers of OGC Nice and England’s Nottingham Forest this summer. The underside of the deal has been revealed.

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