Investing in Decentraland: An ATM launched in the metaverse

This interoperability-enhancing feature will now allow people circulating in the metaverse to load their virtual wallets without leaving the universe. They will simply have to connect their real fiat currency accounts to an electronic wallet in the metaverse to buy cryptocurrencies which will be automatically converted by default to MANA, the native currency of Decentraland.

The ATM integration will allow users to have sufficient funds to continue exploring, buying plots, etc.

Note that to better explain to users how this new feature works, Transak has been organizing since August 2 and until the end of the week virtual meetings. Experts walk newcomers through the intricacies of ATM and show LAND owners how to incorporate the device into their properties.

An upside opportunity for MANA?

The total number of plots (LAND) present in the Decentraland universe stands at 90,000. note that this excitement can benefit the native MANA token.

The crypto will be used by default for Transak’s ATM, which may increase its attractiveness for token holders. MANA’s price is $0.99 at the time of writing, thanks to a 3% rise over the last 24 hours. According to the prediction of Tech News Leader, the maximum price of MANA for 2022 should be found around $5.58.

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