Inventory of reloading in Avignon

Do you live in Avignon and want to know how you can benefit from existing charging stations? Let us draw up an inventory of charging in Avignon for you. Process started a few years ago, the deployment of charging stations is effective, but not the fastest…

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Who are the terminal operators located in Avignon?

To charge your electric vehicle in Avignon, the Grand Avignon project was improved at the end of 2020.

Indeed, Electric 55 Charging has obtained agreements with the municipalities of the agglomeration to install 100 charging stations. Thanks to an authorization for temporary occupation of the public domain, they will be present for 10 to 15 years in the agglomeration depending on the case. Electric 55 Charging supports the entire investment, ie approximately €10,000 per terminal. The municipality only supports the marking on the ground.

On the perimeter of the agglomeration, 17 terminals are already installed in Avignon, but also in the surroundings such as in Morières-lès-Avignon, Les Angles, Sauveterre, Entraigues-sur-la-Sorgue, Jonquerettes and Saint-Saturnin- les-Avignon.

Other installations will follow in several municipalities with which contracts are in progress.

These terminals are simple to operate: the motorist identifies himself with a card equipped with an RFID chip. Each station installed in the open air, geolocated, offers a 22 kW socket, three 7 kW (all Type 2 standard) and a standard socket, in particular for Renault Twizzy type vehicle models.

The first actors

Fastned charging stations have also appeared near the highway in Avignon

The stations evolve and can accommodate up to 12 charging points in order to follow the evolution of the market. Since its inception in 2012, Fastned has built 177 fast charging stations across the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Belgium, Switzerland and now France.

In detail, the first Fastned fast charging stations are located at the service areas of Gevrey-Chambertin Ouest (A31, Avignon), Écot (A36, Montbéliard), Pont Chêne d’Argent (A39, Dole) and Pont Val de Saone (A39, Dole)

A firm commitment

Since Thursday March 24, the City of Avignon and Avignon Tourisme have been pleased to offer users of the Center Gare, Palais des Papes and Halles car parks a new electric vehicle charging service.

Thus the city continues to develop services so that the city can attract electric vehicle drivers.

And today ?

So you can find charging stations at Auchan but also at Electric 55 which has many charging stations.

Freshmile is also present in the region.

Tools at your disposal

Chargemap lists 69 charging stations in Avignon and its surroundings

You also have Mappy at your disposal which lists all the charging access points as well as places to take a break for you while charging

Many charging stations are still to be installed

Install a terminal at home if you live in Avignon

Install a terminal in your public car park if you are an owner in Avignon

List of concessions to try an electric vehicle in Avignon

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