Internet: Trump’s social network stays away from Google Play


InternetTrump’s social network stays away from Google Play

Google argues that the network of the former US president is not moderate enough. Truth Social acknowledged “working on the issue.”

According to Google, the contents of Truth Social are not subject to sufficient moderation.

According to Google, the contents of Truth Social are not subject to sufficient moderation.


Google refuses to welcome, on its Google Play application store, Donald Trump’s social network, Truth Social, whose content is not subject to sufficient moderation, according to the technological giant. In a statement on Wednesday, the Alphabet subsidiary explained that it reported, on August 19, to Truth Social, of “several violations” of its regulations on the platform.

Google says it has “again indicated that having effective user-generated content moderation systems in place is a necessary condition for an app to be uploaded to Google Play.” According to a spokesperson for the California-based company, Truth Social responded to the letter saying “it was working on these issues.”

Unlike the iPhone’s iOS, the Android operating system for smartphones allows a user to download an app through channels other than its app store, Google Play. However, the platform remains the preferred method for most owners of an Android phone, who represent about three quarters of the smartphone population in the world.

Host not paid

Launched at the end of February, Truth Social aims to be an alternative to the major social networks, Twitter in particular, from which Donald Trump has been suspended since the beginning of January 2021, with freedom of expression for leitmotif and a minimum moderation of content.

Google’s refusal comes as Fox Business Network reported that Truth Social stopped paying its platform host, RightForge, several months ago. “Truth Social is financially strong, as demonstrated by its ability to recently raise $15 million in bridge loans,” the company said in a statement released Wednesday on the website of the US Securities and Exchange Authority, the SEC.

“Fake news”…

Truth Social’s parent company, Trump Media and Technology Group, is also slow to finalize its merger with a listed vehicle, Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), which should allow it to receive fresh money. Former President Donald Trump has claimed that the allegations that Truth Social was in a precarious situation were “gossip” peddling, according to him, “intentionally” “false” information.

DWAC is under investigation by US federal authorities, who have submitted their evidence to a grand jury for a possible criminal trial. The company is also targeted by an investigation by the American stock market policeman, the SEC.


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