Inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck, this electric motorcycle tears up everything in its path

Inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck, this electric motorcycle tears up everything in its path

This concept, imagined by the Spanish car designer Victor Rodriguez Gomez, offers a futuristic vision of the mobility of two-wheelers. Even if we doubt that Tesla, which has already indicated that it will never manufacture electric motorcycles, will one day launch this model in production.

Disruptive mobility. Tesla has a habit of breaking codes. Elon Musk’s firm also breaks those of the automobile. And moreover, it pushes designers, competitors and more generally the entire sector to look in the mirror to make a good self-analysis. Victor Rodriguez Gomez is a fan. And to prove his admiration, he imagined a cyberpunk and cybercool model: the Model M.

It is an electric, metallic and minimalist two-wheeler inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck, but also by luxury watchmaking. Its concept, which has removable handlebars and wheels without rims or disc brakes, is equipped with a simple “start & stop” button for starting. The motorcycle is also equipped with a foldable screen to provide road information (speed, time, GPS, etc.). On the other hand, the Spanish designer did not detail the characteristics of this machine, such as speed or even autonomy.

Tesla has always said it won’t make an electric motorcycle — Elon Musk would have been the victim of a motorcycle accident younger and he carries a trauma within him. Can this design, square in every sense of the word, make the South African billionaire change his mind? Not sure at all. Because in 2019, James Gawley, another car designer, had already proposed a Tesla electric motorcycle concept, also named Model M.

If these images will continue to make us dream, it will surely not be Tesla who will end up producing such a machine. But the way is clear for other manufacturers to appropriate the vision of Victor Rodriguez Gomez.

Photo credits : @Victor Rodriguez Gomez

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