In London, the data centers of Google and Oracle could not withstand the heat

Google’s cloud servers suffered from the heat wave. KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP

London data centers were not calibrated to operate in such high temperatures.

If humans, animals and vegetation suffer from heat waves, machines are not spared either. The effects of the heat wave fell on Tuesday on the cloud servers of Google and Oracle in the United Kingdom, whose cooling systems broke down and therefore could not carry out their mission. According to the Google Cloud service status page, the incident took place at 6:13 p.m. Tuesday at one of its data centers in London and was completed in the early hours of the morning. “This caused a partial failure of virtual machines in this area (southern UK), leading to the shutdown of some services and part of the machines”according to Google.

Oracle suffered a similar outage at its London data center. To prevent the overheating from damaging other machines, Google and Oracle decided to suspend several servers while the cooling system was repaired. As a result, some websites were no longer accessible and many services, such as the WordPress hosting platform, stopped working in part of Europe. Atom Bank customers also had the greatest difficulty accessing the British online banking application.

London data centers were not calibrated to operate in such high temperatures. The United Kingdom saw the thermometer exceed 40 ° C in certain regions on Tuesday, unheard of. These heat records have also severely affected the country’s road and rail infrastructure.


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