In France, the price of the Tesla Model 3 increased by 6,000 euros overnight

Once again, Tesla has discreetly updated the prices of its compact sedan, the Model 3, and more specifically the entry-level version. Until now, you could benefit from the maximum ecological bonus, it is now over.

Tesla Model 3 Performance // Source: Frandroid

Despite all its qualities, the Tesla Model 3 is no longer THE good deal for electric cars. This sedan was the best in many areas with a very attractive price, given that one could benefit from the maximum ecological bonus.

It was thus possible to acquire the compact electric sedan from the American manufacturer for 44,800 euros excluding ecological bonus.

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As a result, we take advantage of the ecological bonus of 2000 euros… If the vehicle is delivered before September 2022.

After a first price increase which no longer allowed to choose an option to purchase, the Tesla Model 3 has now gone to 46,990 euros excluding ecological bonuswhich allows you to benefit from the bonus of 2,000 euros and no longer the one of 6,000 euros.

January 2021 July 2021 March 2022 March 11, 2022
Price excluding bonus €43,800 €43,800 €44,990 €46,990
Ecological bonus awarded €7,000 €6,000 €6,000 €2,000
Final price €36,800 €37,800 €38,990 €44,990

This increase therefore increases the Model 3 from 38,990 euros (ecological bonus included) to 44,990 euros, or 6,000 euros increase in one night.

Reminder of the rules of the ecological bonus in France

As a reminder, the current rules for the ecological bonus are clear: it can reach 6,000 euros (until July 1, 2022, 5,000 euros thereafter) if the price of the vehicle is less than 45,000 euros including tax.

The aid is reduced to 2,000 euros if the rate is between 45,000 and 60,000 euros. Thus, when Tesla today offers a Model 3 Propulsion at 59,990 euros, the end customer will only pay 57,990 euros thanks to the bonus.

A year ago, the entry-level Tesla Model 3 was sold for 43,800 euros, so we got it at 36,800 euros (the maximum ecological bonus was then 7,000 euros).

Extended delivery times

Tesla now seems to be banking on its Model Y SUV which can be delivered in the first half of 2022.

The deadlines have not finished getting longer for the Model 3, they are now posted in February 2023 for the most accessible sedan. If this is the actual delivery date, this means that the ecological bonus will have fallen further… It will no longer be 2,000 euros, but 1,000 euros.

Note that by choosing the white interior, for example, the delivery times go back to November 2022.

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