in France, the poorest live shorter than the richest, confirms a statistical study

The poorest French people are the most exposed to chronic diseases, notes a study by the statistical service of the Ministry of Health.

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The poorest French people are those who have the most chronic diseases and live less long, confirms a study by the statistical service of the Ministry of Health published Thursday, October 6, which this time makes it possible to concretely measure social inequalities in the field of health. health.

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According to the study, statistically, the poorest 10% of French women are three and a half times more likely to develop diabetes than the wealthiest 10%. Also among women, the most disadvantaged also have one and a half times the risk of developing heart or neurovascular disease. Among men, the poorest have between three and three and a half times more psychiatric diseases, diseases of the liver or the pancreas.

Among the reasons put forward by the study to explain these gaps between rich and poor: living conditions, work, food, addictions or access to care.

Concerning cancers, the study reveals that the most disadvantaged people have less but this is not good news, since it is also these people who are screened the least. In addition, the poorest people are also those suffering from cancer with a very unfavorable prognosis, such as esophageal or lung cancer, for example.

Finally, the study highlights a shorter life expectancy for the poorest, even when they are in good health. Those with a chronic disease die on average around the age of 79, six years less than a wealthy person who also has a chronic disease.

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