Ile-de-France: driving a Tesla stolen in Paris, the driver hit two police cars and fled … on foot

The all-electric American sedan reported stolen in Paris being equipped with a geolocation device, the police had no trouble finding the one who was driving it, Tuesday evening, in Seine-et-Marne. But they were unable to arrest him because the driver ended up fleeing… on foot.

At the wheel of the Tesla, a man is spotted for the first time in Val-de-Marne, unknowingly triggering a search by police officers from this department. A little later in the evening, the car in question was reported near the Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy TGV station, a stone’s throw from the Disneyland Paris parks, in Seine-et-Marne.

Noting that the Tesla is heading towards their position, police officers from Noisiel present in the area come to reinforce their colleagues from Val-de-Marne and participate in the attempted interception around 11:20 p.m.

The two police crews then take the vehicle in a vice. But the driver still refuses to comply. He tries to force the passage by chaining forward and reverse steps. The Tesla repeatedly rammed the two police vehicles with the officials inside and managed to break free to flee.

The police do not use their weapons and two of them, police officers from Noisiel, suffer from neck pain but they do not benefit from a temporary work stoppage.

The officials finally lose sight of the driver before finding the Tesla abandoned a few hundred meters further, boulevard du Grand Fossé. This circular boulevard encompasses, in particular in its west-northwest section, the urban center of the Val-d’Europe agglomeration and the Disneyland Paris parks. The man who fled on foot could not be arrested.

The Meaux Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation for refusal to comply, violence with weapons on persons holding public authority and concealment of theft. These “very serious” facts according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office are punishable by five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros.

Last Friday, to evade a police check, a young man on the handlebars of his motocross fled by throwing himself… into the Ourcq canal, in the Beauval district of Meaux, on Friday. His racing car had ended its race by hitting a police car which was blocking its way. Arrested at the exit of the water, he had been taken into custody and the motorcycle had been impounded.

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