Huobi Global says the platform will support hard forks

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global informs its customers that if a hard fork of Ethereum (ETH) were to create two new blockchains, the new assets would be supported. However, eligibility conditions are specified and the platform specifies that it does not encourage such events.

Huobi will accept assets from potential Ethereum hard forks under certain conditions

The cryptocurrency exchange platform Huobi Global responded to its users about a potential hard fork of Ethereum (ETH). Indeed, while The Merge is expected for September 19, part of the community is wondering about the possibility of two blockchains that would come to exist. This could happen if a portion of miners decide to continue producing blocks on the proof-of-work (PoW) chain.

In the event of a hard fork, where both chains would continue to operate, an investor would then end up with as many assets on one chain as on another, as if they had been cloned.

While an Ethereum PoW is unlikely have any future after the switch to proof-of-stake (PoS), Huobi still claimed that the exchange would support hard-forked assets. They will, however, have to meet certain requirements.

For example, players wishing to proceed with such an operation will have to make themselves known to Huobi Global before the hard fork. Also, a new string should not be done absorb or be eliminated by the other. The two blockchains must also be distinct, as with Ethereum and Ethereum Classic (ETC) in particular.

All these elements are valid for ETH, but also for other assets, present on the current blockchain and which could follow.

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An interest in platforms

When such events occur, it is in the interest of the platforms of list created assets. We recently had the case with LUNA and LUNC after the Terra ecosystem collapsed. If an exchange fails to recognize cryptocurrencies from a hard fork, while its competitors do, the trust of its customers would take a hit.

However, Huobi Global discourages cases of hard forks without technological interesteven if she will side with the community:

“However, we do not encourage forks without tangible innovation and improvement, and we oppose any form of pre-mining behavior. These worthless behaviors will lead to community divergence, industry confusion, and user misunderstanding. »

Again, nothing is less certain about the future of a hypothetical PoW version of Ethereum post-Merge. Most ecosystem players are indeed looking to the future. Despite everything, these declarations will have the merit of somewhat reassure people expressing concerns, about a possible failure in the move to Proof-of-Stake.

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Source: HuobiGlobal

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