Hungarian Grand Prix – “Disaster”, “Save Leclerc!” : The Italian press no longer forgives Ferrari

A piece of advice to Mattia Binotto for his first day of vacation: do not read the press of his country. Whoever tried a somewhat stammering defense on Sunday, after the errors of Scuderia Ferrari in Hungary, would find no consolation there. Indeed, our transalpine colleagues are visibly tired of seeing the Cavallino, real national heritage on the other side of the Alps, abused by failing strategies. From Monaco to the Hungaroring, via Silverstone, the latter are beginning to be numerous.

It’s a red disaster“, title The Gazzetta dello Sport this Monday, talking about a choice of tires “incomprehensible” which comes to annihilate the title hopes of Charles Leclerc. “So many races ruined by driver, box and strategy errors… So the World Cup is not an achievement, but a miracle“, writes the pink daily, which nevertheless wonders why the Monegasque driver “did not impose his choice“to avoid hard tires.”These three weeks will help him realize the importance of his role (…) Why did he not oppose this strategy like Sainz in Monaco?“, asks the media.

Hungarian Grand Prix

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Save Private Leclerc

After this nightmarish Sunday, Ferrari “can say goodbye to his title dream“, believes the Corriere dello Sportalso evoking a “disaster“. For his part, Tuttosport compares Ferrari’s poor choices to a coach”who would miss the composition of his team“. Before calling for the rescue of Private Leclerc.”Charles was in the lead, before a disastrous strategy prevented him from fighting with Verstappen. The World Cup is virtually over (…) Elkann (president of Ferrari, editor’s note), saves Leclerc“.

Generalist dailies have also taken up the subject. For the Corriere della Sera, it is time for Mattia Binotto to make strong choices to change some of his troops. “It’s necessary to grow and earn more with a team that, in the moment it starts smiling again, finds a way to get lost in the details and prides itself on itself.“, can we read. “Ferrari scored an own goal“, believes the Repubblicaspeaking of a new race “marred by mistakes“.

When returning from vacation, the Scuderia will surely have to change engines. Suffice to say that they will not be easy“, adds the daily. Yes, Binotto is strongly advised not to read the press of his country on Monday.

Hungarian Grand Prix

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Hungarian Grand Prix

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