How to Host a Conference Call with Google Voice

This article explains how to make a conference call with Google Voice and how to record it.

Setting up and managing a Google Voice conference call is easy. It is not necessary to start with a conference, because you can turn individual calls into conference calls if necessary. Additionally, your Google Voice number can be combined with Google Hangouts for full conferencing effect.

Go to Google Hangouts

Demandez aux participants à la conférence de vous appeler sur votre numéro Google Voice à une heure convenue.

Engagez une conversation téléphonique avec l'un des participants, soit en lui demandant de vous appeler, soit en l'appelant via Google Voice.

Une fois que vous êtes en ligne, ajoutez les autres participants lorsqu'ils composent le numéro. Vous êtes averti lorsque vous avez un appel entrant. Pour accepter d'autres appels, appuyez sur la touche 5 après avoir entendu un message concernant le lancement d'une conférence téléphonique.

Pour enregistrer une conférence téléphonique dans Google Voice, accédez à Paramètres > Appels et activez les options d'appel entrant.

Tous les participants doivent être connectés à la conférence téléphonique pour pouvoir lancer un enregistrement. Pour lancer ou arrêter l'enregistrement, appuyez sur 4. Un message avertit tous les participants à l'appel de l'activation et de la désactivation de l'enregistrement.

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What does it take to host a Google Voice conference call?

To organize a conference call with Google Voice, all you need is a Google account and a computer, smartphone or tablet on which the application is installed. You can get the Google Voice app for iOS and Android devices and through the web on a computer. The same goes for Hangouts; iOS, Android and web users can use it.

If you have a Gmail or YouTube account, you can start using Google Voice in no time. Otherwise, create a new Google account to get started.

Google Voice is not primarily a conferencing service. However, it’s a great way to use your phone number on all your devices. Use it as a simple and easy way to make a group phone call.

A group conference call with Google Voice is limited to 10 people at the same time (or 25 with a paid account).

Unlike full-fledged conferencing tools, Google Voice does not have tools to manage the conference call and its participants. It is not possible to schedule the call and invite participants in advance by e-mail, for example.

Despite the lack of extra features you might find on other services (Skype has better options for conference calls), Google Voice’s simple and straightforward conferencing capability, which anyone with essential devices can join, makes an attractive option. Because it integrates with your smartphone and lets you use a variety of devices, it does its job as a central call service well.

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