How to Create a Locked Folder in Google Photos on Samsung

Do you have sensitive videos or photos that you want to hide from prying eyes? Learn here howcreate a locked folder in Google Photos on Android (Samsung) phones.

Meanwhile, one of the best photo gallery apps for Android is Google Photos. It is ideal for organizing, editing and viewing your images and movies. It can also save them securely in the cloud. Plus, it has an interesting privacy feature that hides your most private photos behind a fingerprint or password.

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What does Google Photos locked folder mean?

You can save any photos you want to keep secret in the Locked Folder, a single location in Google Photos. These photos won’t show up in your main picture library (or any other photo app on your phone), they won’t show up in Memories, and they won’t be uploaded to the cloud, so you won’t be able to access them. from a desktop browser or other device. Even taking photos of the contents of the folder or sharing or editing the photos inside is prohibited.

A key part of this is the fact that they are not cloud synced. Photos you place in your locked folder are only stored on your phone. These photos are permanently lost if you factory reset your phone, upgrade to a new model, or if it malfunctions.

The same technique you use to lock your phone screen – fingerprint, PIN, pattern lock, whatever – is used to lock the locked folder. In other words, anyone who has access to your phone also has access to this folder. It cannot be locked with a different password.

So here are the steps to create the locked folder in Google Photos and how to move videos and photos to the locked folder.

Step 1. How to Enable Locked Folder

You need to enable the Google Photos app feature before uploading your private folder with your private images and videos. This is the procedure.

1. Go to the Google Photos application.

2. Navigate to the Library tab and select Utilities.

enable locked folder


3. Under Set up locked folder, tap Begin. As this is a sensitive topic, Android does not allow screenshots in the future. Instead, follow the instructions carefully.

enable locked folder google photos

Create a locked folder in Google Photos

4. Faucet Implement.

5. You can either use a PIN Where digital print and you are done with the first steps.

Step 2. How to Move Videos and Photos to Locked Folder in Google Photos

There are a few things you need to be aware of before transferring material to your new Secure Folder. Cloud backups of these image objects will be deleted. The Photos grid, Memories, Search, or Albums will not display these private images or movies. These photographs will not even be accessible to other applications on your smartphone.

Open the Google Photos app and select the videos or images you want to move to the locked folder.

After that select Move to locked folder in the lower right corner.

How to Create a Locked Folder in Google Photos on Samsung

Move to locked folder

Faucet Continue > Move > Allow if you are prompted.

How to Create a Locked Folder in Google Photos on Samsung

Move Videos and Photos to Locked Folder in Google Photos

Step 3. How to Find Locked Folder

To access the locked folder, follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Photos application.
  • Faucet Library > Utilities.
  • Scroll down and you will see Folder locked.
How to Create a Locked Folder in Google Photos on Samsung

Folder locked

That’s all. It was the whole process to create a locked folder in Google Photos, access the locked folder, and move videos and photos to the locked folder in Google Photos.

In general, the Google Photos Locked Folder option is great for hiding images that don’t need to be backed up to the cloud. Remember that if you restart your smartphone or delete Google Photos, these images will disappear forever.

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