how to configure and change its name?

You have acquired a used Tesla, but your Model 3 or Model S still has the profile and name of the previous owner, here is the method to reconfigure.

Designed like a smartphone on wheels, Teslas contain plenty of customization and naming possibilities. However, what happens on a second-hand model? How to switch from the previous owner’s profile to create your own?

First of all: reset and synchronization

To configure your used Tesla, just go in the “Maintenance” menu of the central screen. You can press the “Factory Reset” button, and enter your Tesla account credentials. Be careful, this deletes all personal data and asks you to confirm. After about 2 minutes, the screen comes back on, with the default settings. All you have to do is adapt your seat positions, mirrors, steering, driving aids, telephone contacts, music, etc.

Then you have to link your Tesla card that acts as a key in “Lock”. You can then change its name. Afterwards, your phone can act as a key. For that it is necessary sync your phone with the car.

  • On the screen, enter “Security / Allow mobile access”
  • Open the Tesla app on your mobile
  • Enter your credentials
  • Turn on the Bluetooth connection
  • Press “Key on phone” and “Start” to identify your car
  • Place your card on the unlock slot (on the center console)
  • The pairing should work, voila!

Namely, it is advised the seller to delete his personal data before handing over the keys. But not everyone thinks about it systematically.

Changing the name of your Tesla

Once the profile changes and your settings, you can change the name of your used Tesla. It is incidental, but it avoids the “Profile” indicated by default. For this, go in the main menu and the “Software” button. Press the name in bottom left under the car in side view, or on the Tesla T, then change the name to your liking and save. This name also appears on your phone when synced.

Little anecdote, if you put the name “42”, this will activate an “Easter egg” bonus (Where “Easter egg” in good English). Your Tesla will automatically rename itself to “Life, the Universe and Everything Else”. Why ? For this is the question leading to the esoteric answer “42” of the work The Galactic Traveler’s Guide by Douglas Adams. Don’t look for why, it’s the geek side of Elon Musk that stands out.

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