How to choose the best Tesla accessories?

Choose the Tesla accessories adapted to your needs

The choice of accessories must take into account the needs of the person who buys it. Buying all the Tesla equipment available on the market would indeed be very expensive, while not all of them will be used. It is therefore necessary to make your choice according to the real needs of the driver. These should be determined in relation to the comfort that the car owner will feel while driving. It is for example possible to find on the specialized site of Green Drive all Tesla accessories that we need.

For example, a sun visor is needed for the central glazed surface of the vehicle. Despite effective UV treatment, the sun’s rays can still bring intense heat. Additional protections are then necessary. It is possible to add sun visors on the passenger and driver sides To protect them. Sun visors come in many sizes and colors to suit the needs and preferences of vehicle owners.

Think about how you want to use Tesla accessories

If you want to go on a road trip with your Tesla, equipment such as the sun visor is essential. This allows to stay out of the sun. In addition, this type of accessory increases driver comfort. Added to this is the fact that the sun visors will prevent him from being dazzled by daylight when he decides to take a break. It is therefore a highly useful and very practical protective accessory to install on a Tesla, whatever the model.

In addition, if you have a Tesla Model 3, it is possible to choose protection for the central screen. It is necessary to opt for a protection model consisting of a double pane of tempered glass. In addition to protecting the central screen, this accessory also reduces glare for allow good visibility. You have to go directly to the store or to a specialized site to buy it. Equally effective protection can also be provided for the charging port, the bottom of the doors and the boot sill.

Make sure the accessories are compatible with your vehicle

To find the perfect accessories for his Tesla, the driver should not hesitate to shop around. Avoid buying what you need in the first store you find, otherwise you will pay too much for them. Some shops offer more affordable prices than others. It is therefore wiser to go around the market to compare the prices.

The driver should also remember to inquire before making a purchase. To do this, he must consult the opinions on the internet and on social networks. The best would be to choose a brand known for the quality of its products and that of its customer service.

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