How to buy a house with Bitcoin in just a few clicks?

For all the investment enthusiastsrenting a house with cryptocurrency is not new, in fact, there are several platforms offering to invest directly in houses, villas or others with cryptocurrency as currency.

This is the case with the RealT platform, which is arguably one of the most famous and trustworthy available in today’s market. Now let’s see how buy a house with bitcoin.

Buying a house with bitcoin? It is now possible!

It is now possible, in fact, many real estate ad platforms allow future buyers to carry out their transactions directly using their cryptocurrency. Open Listings, for example, allows different buyers to search for properties that accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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How to buy a house with bitcoin?

It is possible to buy a house with bitcoin directly through the seller, by peer to peer. Indeed, if you have the opportunity to offer him payment via crypto-currencies and he accepts, you will be able to buy your future house in this way. Especially since the means of payment in crypto currency is becoming more and more democratized.

However, one concern remains, with crypto-to-crypto transactions, you will face their volatility and potentially a loss. Thus, for a payment without hitch and without volatility, it is advisable to go through a third-party service specializing in this type of exchange.

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For example, the BitPay service offers protect sellers and the various buyers to protect themselves from the volatility of cryptos through an immediate exchange of crypto into US dollars.

More and more real estate agencies that sell real estate use a third party company to make payments in cryptocurrency but mostly receive them directly money in fiat currency.

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