How Google Maps can save you from a fine?

Google Maps is one of those applications that have become essential to our daily lives. If its primary ability is to take us from point A to point B, for Jamie Chalmers, its usefulness has proven to be quite different…

Today, folding maps have almost become obsolete, replaced by much more practical digital tools! Google Maps, a true essential application, will most likely accompany you on your daily journeys. This pocket GPS, integrated into your smartphone, saves you precious time on foot, by bike and above all… in the car. Thanks to this application, you can discover the state of the traffic in real time, know the smallest details of your trip and the different transports that you can take.

Google Maps an alibi app

On July 8, the British newspaper The Mirror revealed the story, rather funny, of Jamie Chalmers. The day after he turned 21, the young Englishman had the unpleasant surprise of receiving a fine of 100 pounds (118 €). The reason ? He would have exceeded the authorized duration of parking in a car park by three hours. Until then, nothing strange you will say. Except that the young man “shocked” by the news, claims not to have parked his vehicle there that day.

“The photo they sent me showed me driving towards the main road… Another photo showed me giving way at a crossroads. They said I was three hours over my stay in the parking lot. It was not true, I did not go to the parking lot. I only went to the drive-in” can we read in the columns of the British daily.

To attest to his good faith, the young man therefore had the ingenious idea of ​​consulting the history of his application. Google Maps. Thus, he was able to present, to Premier Park (the company that accused him), the chronology of his movements at the same times as those listed on the fine. “It shows the times and places you’ve been and how long you’ve been driving” he explained to our colleagues. As a result, Jamie Chalmers was in Portsmouth, in the south of England and not in the parking lot in question. Thanks to his history, the motorist saw his fine canceled. S Considering him lucky, Jamie Chalmers encourages other motorists to activate the “Google location history (…) to avoid paying a fine they should not have received.

It could not be easier :

  • Go to the app Google Maps
  • Press your profile picture which is at the top right
  • Click in Your data in Maps
  • Finally, select theLocation history

All you have to do is activate it and you’re done!

Sources: The Mirror, Phonandroid

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