How Google Cloud Is Executing Its Vision For The Healthcare Industry

Acceleration Economy Cloud Wars Expo

June’s live Cloud Wars Expo event featured dozens of industry leaders giving the Acceleration Economy team access to the inner workings of the largest growth market the world has ever seen.

In this News Desk Interview, Aaron Back, Vice President and Principal Analyst of Acceleration Economics, welcomes Joe Miles, Managing Director of Healthcare at Google Cloud, for a discussion on healthcare industry cloud solutions.


00:01 — Aaron introduces Google Cloud’s Joe Miles, who details his role at the company and his history in the cloud industry.

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01:50 The healthcare and life sciences industries have undergone immense changes since the onset of Covid-19. Innovation is part of Google Cloud’s DNA. The Miles team aims to improve people’s lives by making healthcare data more accessible, secure and useful.

03:25 — Data in healthcare serves a real purpose that saves lives. It is essential that the data is comprehensive and interoperable to give healthcare providers a holistic view of their patients.

06:16 — Sustainability initiatives to reduce water consumption and carbon footprint require better access to ESG data and performance metrics.

07:50 IU’s healthcare team used the Google Cloud healthcare data solution to create a “Vulnerability Index” to give doctors a complete picture of risk factors for their patients.

09:58 — Some providers still have blind spots, even in the age of telehealth. Broadband access in some geographic areas can be difficult.

11:03 — How prepared are google cloud customers to manage cyber threats? Cloud providers’ experience in leveraging security technologies builds trust between partners. Customers own their own data and control access to it.

13:10 — Miles deals with encrypted data and data sovereignty.

15:40 — Co-innovation requires vision and execution. Visions are realized through incremental improvements. Miles explains the benefits of being under the Alphabet umbrella.

16:51 — Putting solutions into open-source and providing Google Cloud AI solutions facilitates drug discovery through co-creation.

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