how gay lifestyles are changed – Liberation


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Author Arthur Vacher observes the fear, resourcefulness and confusion within the LGBT community to access the vaccine and adapt their sexual practices since the appearance of the virus in early June.

Weeks of inertia from the health authorities. The slowness of the vaccination and prevention campaign against monkeypox has already had time to upset the lives of people said to be at risk: men who have sex with men, trans people, sex workers. Just see how our gay lifestyles have been changed.

A Young Man Logged On To Grindr All Day Yesterday Just To Trade nudes. He created a folder on his phone to jerk off to these pics because he decided not to have sex with anyone until his second dose, due in September. In a small village in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, another shares articles or posts on Instagram about monkeypox with his gay friends and his past hookups. He did his entire repertoire. He doesn’t add anything other than “Have you heard of it?” so as not to sound moralistic. When he sees the speed at which the virus is spreading, he, the former who knew France in the 90s, bless heaven that this disease does not…


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