History – Ethereum: The Merge scheduled for September 15?

The waiting time The Merge is a defining event in the history of the blockchain Ethereum. In this effervescence that accompanies great innovations, a date seems to be taking shape. Indeed, according to our colleagues from The Block, the developers of Ethereum have made some assumptions as to the provisional dates for the deployment of The Merge.

The dates of the merger are starting to be rumored within the cryptosphere. The upgrade at Bellatrix would take place on September 6, and the Paris one would take place on September 15. According to The Block, these dates have reached consensus among Ethereum developers, the nuclear heart of the blockchain.

As a reminder, The Merge aims to migrate the Ethereum blockchain from proof of work to proof of stake. These two upgrades punctuate the deployment of the future operation of the blockchain.

So what is the purpose of this deployment? Solve the major problems of the Ethereum blockchain such as block congestion or blockchain security and durability.

It is still necessary to remain cautious. The dates of The Merge are not yet officially fixed. At the same time, the testnets follow one another and the successes follow one another proving the imminent deployment of The Merge.

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