his style patents on the run

The cold-weather Tesla Model S reveals its final features through official style patents accidentally misplaced on the web.

Future Polestar 5 (2024) – The concept car unveiled in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, will be entitled to a series application, during 2024in order to offer direct competition to the Tesla Model S.

The manufacturer Polestar, owned by Volvo, unfortunately did not still no citizenship in France, since a court decision considered, on our soil, that its logo was much too similar to that of the chevrons of Citroën, at the origin of the complaint. For the chance to acquire one of its models, it is better to reside in Switzerland or Belgium where the Swedish firm is totally free to distribute its catalog there.

Nordic Tesla

However, this competitor of Tesla, whose the range consists only of electric cars, continues its merry way, without Citroën trying to put a spoke in its wheels internationally. After an anecdotal Polestar 1which was none other than a hybrid Volvo S90 coupé, and a Polestar 2 targeting the Tesla Model 3, it is a very large sedan close to 5 meters long which will make its debut within two years, aiming to counter the hegemony of Elon Musk’s Model S.

A front SUV

In mid-2022, two years before its launch, we are already aware of the final trappings of the Polestar 5, including style patents just leaked on social media. The good news is that this very large fastback will remain faithful, except for a few details, to the Polestar Precept showcar which announced it in 2020. Before that, it will have been preceded, in mid-2023, by an SUV which should be called Polestar 3. Let’s hope that, by then, the tensions between Citroën and the Swedish firm will will be dissipated so that France can finally taste these excellent Nordic products which, for the moment, are unlikely to overshadow Citroën as the French range lacks electric vehicles worthy of the name.

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