here’s how Tesla makes its cars faster than everyone else

Tesla released a video showing its Giga Press in action. It is the largest industrial press in the world which allows the American manufacturer to manufacture its cars very quickly.


Many don’t see Tesla as a car manufacturer, but as a new technology company that makes electric cars. Indeed, the American manufacturer had to learn how to build cars in large series in a short time, where classic car manufacturers have had the know-how for decades. But with its new Giga Press, manufactured by the Italian company IDRA, Tesla proves its ability to be a real car manufacturer and even to be ahead in the field.

Giga Press: an innovative monster

A few days ago, Tesla posted a video on its Twitter account showing the Giga Press in action at one of its Gigafactories. If the video may seem innocuous to a neophyte of automotive production, it illustrates the major innovation announced by Tesla in 2020 during its Battery Day. Indeed, the use of this brand new press makes it possible to manufacture, in just a few seconds (80 to 90 seconds), a single piece of aluminum weighing approximately 100 kg which constitutes the rear part of the Model Y chassis.

Our huge casting machines enable us to make full-size cars the same way toy cars are made ✌️

—Tesla (@Tesla) July 25, 2022

To better realize the major innovation, you should know that before using this Giga Press, this same rear part of the chassis required 70 different parts, with many welds. It is therefore a major time saving and a reduction in manufacturing costs in the end. Tesla also uses a Giga Press to design the front part of the chassis. Then all that remains is to integrate the new 4680 battery (structural type, an innovation that makes the battery part of the chassis) between the two to have the chassis, made up of only three parts.

A 3-part chassis instead of 370

In the end, when Tesla uses the Giga Press for the front and rear parts of the chassis, but also its new 4680 battery to bridge the two, the manufacturer uses 370 fewer parts! Elon Musk had specified during Battery Day that each part of the chassis produced with a Giga Press made it possible to eliminate 300 robots while the Model 3 with a classic chassis requires 1,000 robots. This again saves a lot of time and costs. But this new technique also makes it possible to reduce the weight of the car (Tesla announces 10%) and increase the autonomy.

Tesla is the first automaker in the world to use such a huge press with a weight of over 400 tons and a force of over 5,000 tons. But the firm will not remain alone for very long, since many car manufacturers want to follow this path, with in particular the Chinese brands which also want to obtain Giga Press as noted by the wall street journal.

Tesla maintains its lead over other manufacturers

Tesla therefore proves its lead in the field of the electric car, and not only on cars, but also in their production. It should also be remembered that the car manufacturer, on the occasion of the announcement of its quarterly financial figures, took the opportunity to announce that it had succeeded in doubling its production volume (about 2 million vehicles per year), in just a few months. The Giga Press must have their part to play in this improvement in the pace of production. Volkswagen and BYD will have to pull out all the stops to try to catch up with the American.

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