Want to relieve a mosquito bite? Here is the miracle plant to have at home, and it’s not lavender! We reveal the name of this plant to you.

In the garden, plants are not only there to decorate. They also have the power to heal. And when we get bitten by a mosquito in summer, certain plants and flowers can do us good and act as a natural remedy.

Relieve a mosquito bite: the plant to have in your garden

The mosquito bites are never easy to manage. They can make life hard for us, especially when they cause itching incessant. This is why we must act quickly, with natural solutions and remedies. For this, we rely on effective mosquito repellent plants, which can be easily found in our garden. And for relieve mosquito bitesa plant will become your best ally: the plantain, which is gradually stealing the limelight from the essential oil of lavender officinalis.

Relieve a mosquito bite: the benefits of plantain

But then, what are the benefits of plantain, and how to use it relieve a mosquito bite ? The plantain is a bad grass which grows low to the ground. Its leaves are composed of anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and antiseptic properties. To use plantain and relieve a mosquito bite, here’s how to do it: pick a few leaves and squeeze them in your hands to bring out the juice. The liquid can then be applied directly to the skin to relieve mosquito bite.

Relieve a mosquito bite: what other plants should be preferred?

Of course, other plants can be used for relieve a mosquito bite. Among them :

  • The lavender
  • the dandelion
  • The aloe vera
  • the parsley
  • the chervil

Note that you can also use citronella to keep mosquitoes away on a daily basis!


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