Here is the drink to drink to boost your immune system and avoid getting sick this winter

It’s the same thing every year, when autumn gives way to winter and its freezing temperatures, our immune system does not always manage to fight against the little ailments that accompany this change of season. Especially since faced with all the viruses circulating, it is sometimes not easy to resist. It is for this reason that it is advisable to prepare your body and to arm it as well as possible, in order to cross the winter without hassle. You know the song: prevention is better than cure. Prevention work therefore begins now, if you want to save yourself from a bad cold, sore throat or even bronchitis…

If we can count on food for this by betting on foods rich in vitamins and nutrients, we can also look at plants that only want us well. Among these, there is one that presents itself as a major well-being ally in order to boost your body and protect it from external aggressions. It’s about black elderberry, a true concentrate of vitamins and antioxidants. Scientific studies have even shown that elderberries are among the most antioxidant-rich berries: 100 g of elderberries provide up to 1700 mg of anthocyaninsa class of antioxidants, while the same amount of other more common berries like blueberries provide no more than 700 mg.

Black elderberry: the health ally of winter?

Used in the event of a cold snap, the flowers and black elderberries have a sudorific, expectorant and antitussive power which make it THE remedy of the season to fight against fever, cough and respiratory infections. Be careful, however, not to consume raw elderberry, it could be harmful and cause diarrhea and vomiting. Elderberry is edible only when cooked. Sambunigrine, the toxic substance contained in elderberry, disappears when cooked at around 70°. The ideal would therefore be to consume black elderberry as a drink, juice or infusion, or in the form of food supplements to swallow, or syrups to dilute.

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