Here is the astronomical sum of the sale of the domain name!

As you can imagine, the purchase / sale of domain names has become a real business. In fact, you have no doubt heard of a record sale of over $30 million for the domain name.

Now here is a new sale that has gone around the web with the sale of the domain name But then how much this domain name was sold? Let’s see it together in this blog post!

Discover the astronomical sum of the sale of the domain name

While some people doubt the veracity of the NFTs market with the drop in hype that can be found at the moment, the domain name was sold for an astronomical sum of $15 million.

This becomes the biggest public sale for a domain name in 2022 and it becomes the second sale ever behind the domain name

Managing Director of the website,, Jackson Elsegood, said: “The recent acquisition of is one of the largest web-related transactions3 that we have seen on the platform. »

While Matt Holden, the deal’s lead broker, said: “It has been a pleasure to work with all parties involved in, an incredible opportunity for the buyer ofacquire a category-killing domain and one of, if not the best, .com possible throughout the web space.

This sale, proves to us once again all the enthusiasm that there is around the universe of NFTs, despite a temporary drop in hype. So what does the future hold for Web3 and when will the trend reverse?

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